The Martyn Crook Foundation is a group composed of the family, close friends and professional associates of former Socceroo and leading coach Martyn Crook. Martyn’s untimely death, whilst on duty overseas as Coach of Australia’s Under 17 team (Joeys), was the occasion for widespread tributes from, and beyond, the Australian football community.

The Foundation was set-up to honour Martyn’s memory in a way that furthers the welfare of the sport to which Martyn devoted his life’s work. Martyn, in his work with the Football Federation of Australia (FFA), shared the concerns expressed by the FFA in its National Curriculum, whereby every year the sport loses players of talent because of the financial barrier, particularly affecting:

  • indigenous Australians
  • players in rural and regional Australia
  • refugees
  • players from other families for whom football is ‘not affordable’ – those from single parent families, or of low income or affected by unemployment or other such circumstance

The Foundation proposes to make awards available to players of talent who would otherwise be prevented by financial constraints from developing that talent. We want to break down this finance barrier. With the FFA, we believe that:
It is the (moral) responsibility of the football community to level this barrier and make football accessible for every child.

Before entering the awards, please read carefully The Martyn Crook Foundation Awards Terms & Conditions


The Martyn Crook Foundation (the Foundation) has agreed, subject to the terms and conditions (the Terms and Conditions), to award Talent Development Awards (the Awards)


Any individual, or group of individuals, (a “Nominee”) may be nominated for the Award. Applications must be made by a nominator (a “Nominator”) on behalf of another person or organisation. Individuals may not nominate themselves.
Nominations must be for organisations located in South Australia and nominated as Peak Bodies by the Foundation. The Nominee must be the nominated representative of the peak body and resident in South Australia.
Applications will be judged by the official panel (the Awards Panel) consisting of Rocky Aloisi, as the nominated Head of the panel and up to four other nominated persons. The Panel’s decision is then referred to the Board of Trustees of the Martyn Crook Foundation, whose decision is final.

All entries must be made via the application form


Entry into the Awards constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions will continue to apply to all Nominators and recipients until the Overall Award has been applied in accordance with the clauses below.
Each Award recipient will be required to complete and duly sign a letter of acceptance (the “Letter of Acceptance”) which will be sent by the Foundation. These Terms and Conditions and the completed Letter of Acceptance will constitute the agreement between the Foundation and the recipient. If the recipient fails to accept the offer within the deadline specified in the Acceptance Letter, the offer will lapse unless reasons, which are accepted by the Foundation, are given for the delay. If this offer lapses, the recipient’s application will be regarded as having been withdrawn and a replacement may be selected by the Panel.


The Foundation shall be permitted on prior written notice to the Nominator and Nominee to assign or transmit the benefit and the burden of these Terms and Conditions to any successor body of The Martyn Crook Foundation.


The Foundation reserves the right to amend, alter or withdraw the Awards as necessary due to exceptional circumstances outside its reasonable control.

Nominees hereby give their consent to any publicity about the Awards and their project as the Foundation may from time to time require. The Foundation may carry out any forms of publicity and marketing to promote the Awards as it sees fit. Nominees agree to do whatever the Foundation reasonably requires in order to assist with any form of publicity and marketing, including any press or media related activities.


  1. Support or be a political party or body
  2. Promote religious beliefs (though projects run by religious groups that benefit the whole community are eligible for support)
  3. Apply any part of the Award to fund salary costs


Eligibility for an Award or the Overall Award is subject to a recipient fulfilling, to the Foundation’s satisfaction, the following requirements:

  1. any money received will be used solely towards furthering the positive impact for the community / beneficiaries which the project has already had, and under no circumstances will it be used for any other purpose
  2. the recipient shall comply with all statutory requirements and other laws and regulations relating to the project, including without limitation all relevant health, safety and employment laws and regulations
  3. the recipient shall maintain full and proper accounts and records regarding the project. Any representative authorised by the Foundation shall be given access, whenever the Foundation so requests, to such accounts and records
  4. no one will be denied access to use the project on grounds of race, creed, colour, sex, occupation, sexual orientation, disability, religion or political persuasion
  5. the application form shall be completed by the Nominator honestly and all information contained therein shall be correct and not misleading
  6. the Nominator and Nominee must satisfy these Terms and Conditions
  7. the recipient may not transfer any part of the Award or any rights under it to another organisation or individual unless the Foundation has provided its prior written approval.


Once the recipient has accepted the Terms and Conditions, fulfilled the requirements set out above and the Foundation has been satisfied by the appropriate documents, the Award will be paid in full.
Payments will be made by the Foundation directly into a valid Australian bank account, but each Award Winner will be sent a remittance advice advising exactly how much is being transferred into their account and the date the transfer will be made.


The Foundation accepts no liability for any consequences, whether direct or indirect, that may arise from the Awards application, running of any relevant community sports project, use of the Award or from a withdrawal of the Awards pursuant to clauses 7 and 8 of these Terms and Conditions.
To the fullest extent permitted by law, the Foundation accepts no responsibility for any loss, whether arising from negligence or not, which is not foreseeable or arises as a result of the use of the Award.

The Foundation decision regarding all promotional matters is final and binding.


  1. Your information will be collected and stored by the Foundation in accordance with privacy and data protection laws and the privacy statement that you can access from the bottom of this page.
  2. The Foundation will share the information with the Awards Panel, so that they can use it in connection with the Awards, specifically to consider your application and to select a suitable recipient.
  3. The Foundation will only use the personal information collected for the purposes of the Awards.
  4. The names of the Awards recipients and the organisations associated with them and the amounts they receive may be released to the public via press releases and other public announcements.
  5. By submitting the nomination, you confirm that you and the Nominee are happy for the Foundation to process your / their information for the Awards, as detailed above. Please make sure that the Nominee(s) are happy for their information to be used in this way before you submit the nomination.


The Martyn Crook Foundation reserves the right to amend or alter these Terms and Conditions without any prior notice to the Nominator or Nominee.


These Terms and Conditions, and any non-contractual obligations arising out of or in connection with them, shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, law of South Australia.
Please write as comprehensive application as possible, submitting any information that you feel will make your nominee stand out from the rest.


You could access the awards application form below:

View Awards Application Form



Awer Mabi - nominated by Tony Vidmar (SASI)

Born in Kenya, Awer arrived in Australia for 4 years ago and only started playing football when he arrived here. In such a short space of time he has quickly learnt and developed the understanding of playing football. Was choosen to be part of SASI after being identified by Technical Director Airton Andrioli to see how well he can develop his football talent. Was part of the SASI team 2010 that finished minor premiers in the Super League Reserves and won the Institute Challenge held in Canberra in 2010. Being cared for by his mother the award will hopefully keep him involved in the game for years to come and see his potential grow. It will also give him the belief that his new country can give him the opportunity to do anything he wants to achieve.


Sam McKechnie-Merrick - nominated by Tony Vidmar (SASI)

Sam is a 15 year old goalkeeper with the potential to play at the highest level. Sam is part of the football program at Underdale High school and plays for Salisbury United and SASI. Sam was part of the State under 13 and 14 development squads and was selected to represent South Australia at the 2010 National in Coffs Harbor. His hard work and dedication helped him earn a SASI scholarship and he represented SASI at the 2010 Institute Challenge. Sams goal is to play for the Socceroos but there are many obstacles in his path. This award maximises his chances and allow him to continue to fully commit without the worry of the costs associated with being involved in an Elite level program. Receiving an award from the Martyn Crook Foundation gives Sam a boost. Knowing that there are people that believe in him enough to provide financial assistance helps to strengthen his self belief.


Roxanne Dodd – nominated by John Mundy (FFSA)

Roxanne comes from an Indigenous background and after performing well in the Indigenous football festival last year, the family relocated to Adelaide from Whyalla to further her ambitions. Roxanne has worked hard to achieve selection for the SA State team girls and has the opportunity to play at the National Championships in July, providing there is no financial barriers preventing her from taking part. The Award will create the opportunity for Roxanne to perform in front of National selectors and hopefully get selected for the Matildas, (the Australian team).


TRYING out for an Adelaide United contract was more terrifying than hunting buffalo with only an axe, aspiring soccer player Phillip O’Keefe says. “It’s a bit scary. We get bullocks and cows and we use axes and sometimes a gun. But I reckon being here in Adelaide is a bit scarier for me.” He is the first indigenous beneficiary of the Martyn Crook Foundation, established to help talented young players get a start in the sport. Phillip is a proud member of the Garawa people – was armed with little more than hope and the chance to emulate his idol, former Reds skipper Travis Dodd. He is also a budding footballer, but O’Keefe said he was determined to make his mark on the world game. He is following in the footsteps of one of his relatives, John Moriarty, who played with local clubs Juventus and Croatia before making his mark as an indigenous artist. “I want to make a name for myself and to represent home,” O’Keefe said. The pace and skill of the Reds drills had inspired O’Keefe. “I might learn something from these boys,” he added.