We are family-run organization designed to carry on the legacy left by Australian Association football pioneer, Martyn Crook (1956-2008). Martyn dedicated over 40 years of his life to football in Australia before he passed away on December 5, 2008 in Los Angeles, California. He was coach of the Australian under 17’s side, the Joeys, and on the morning prior to the first match of their US tour, Martyn passed peacefully in his sleep, leaving behind his wife Julie and sons Andrew, Steven and Joseph. His contribution to the game in Australia, particularly in South Australia, will be remembered for decades to come, and through the work of this Foundation (TMCF), his footballing vision will stay alive.


We are the family, close friends and associates of Martyn Crook. Martyn gained the rare honour of Australian selection as both player and coach in Association Football. We seek to honour Martyn’s life and achievements by continuing his work in South Australia, and beyond. A family group, we intend to act on our own initiative, and by co-coordinating and approving initiatives by other members of the football community in Australia, to ensure outcomes consistent with the promotion of excellence.


The Martyn Crook Foundation was established in 2009 to assist in the advancement of Association Football in Australia, through initiatives that support the development of outstanding talent in young Australian players. The Foundation is currently pursuing charitable status as It will rely on the support of individuals and organizations, both private and public, to continue with its work. The Foundation, through its Board of Trustees, will support such activities as it believes to be in tune with the Foundation’s objectives.

The Constitution of the Foundation is available for download —-


The Foundation is established to honour Martyn’s life and achievements, and perpetuate his work in South Australia, and beyond, for the benefit of Football and in so doing the objectives of the Foundation include:

  • To enable all to participate fully in all aspects of football in South Australia
  • To encourage initiatives that will enrich and strengthen that sport
  • To aid players and coaches to work together for the improvement of football in South Australia
  • Valuing cultural and ethnic diversity whilst contributing to one Australian identity in the world game
  • Aiming for and achieving the highest standards of technical excellence amongst our state’s leading young players
  • Contributing to the ongoing development of the sport in Australia by encouraging more of these players to achieve a career path in the sport in our own country
  • Fostering the professional development of all associated with running the program, so that high standards are produced in its young participants
  • Respecting indigenous Australians and young players arriving in Australia as refugees, and developing initiatives to promote their greater inclusion to the benefit of football in South Australia.


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